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The main function of Military training and campus security center is to administrate the matters that relate to military training and life guidance.



  1. Teaching and Research of planning military training courses and drafting teaching programs.Especially,in freshman year, students are required to participate a four-hour CPR learning course, to Strengthen students's first-aid knowledge and skills. Multi-media is encouraged to enrich teaching contents.
  2. Be deducted with the completion Military Training course from the schools.
  3. Setting up a "Management of Campus Accident Center" to assure the safety around the campus and ensure students against accidents.
  4. To promote the concept of alternative services. In response to the trend, the office invites this relative government agency to explain the situation and use the website to provide students with latest information.
  5. To provide the information of "Armed Forces Recruiting Team" to youth student and household by website.
  6. Management of student urgent service, student special situations and sudden case rescue.
  7.  Inspire national spirit and stimulate students's patriotism.
  8. Enrich students's military knowledge and to cultivate civism.



The office has one director who supervises Teaching and Research Section, Military Service Administration Section, Several Military Training Instructors and staffs to handle students's special affairs and other services.



Office 113, 1st Floor, Teaching Building